These remaining prints were exhibited at an apartment show curated and hosted by Anna Minzer on May 04, 2019. The are all archival inkjet prints, usually 7” wide images, on 11x14 paper, hand-cut mats and modest white metal frames with acrylic. $300. Several are available at larger 16x20” but not framed. Contact me for availability or more info:


I didn’t realize it when I started photographing, but the Brooklyn Queens Expressway is a road every motorist attempts to avoid or enters with regret. No one driving on the BQE notices what the city looks like just over the barrier, how the highway divides its traffic from the local streets below. A driver might catch a glimpse of the occasional billboard, or rooftop garden, or an island of hastily-beautified greenery where the road carves a canyon below the street-level. 

These photographs, however, have little to do with creating a document of the BQE. Instead, this project came out of my own way of framing these highway-adjacent landscapes, seeking out transient spaces that were designed to be overlooked.